“I want a professional makeup but my friend can do my wedding makeup for FREE!”


If you’ve found your way to this blog post, you’re probably at the point in your planning when you start to think about how you want to look and feel on the day you become a Mrs.

We all know weddings are a big financial investment. You spend thousands of $$’s on a celebration you’ll remember forever. You hire a professional venue, professional caterers, professional dj’s, and purchase the perfect wedding gown and accessories… But your cousins friends sister is willing to do your makeup for free and you’re thinking this is a great idea, right? After all, your face is literally the one thing EVERYONE will be looking at on your wedding day…. All day! (no pressure) Here are some things to think about before you say yes…..again. (see what I did there?

1. “Seriously, her makeup always looks amazing!”

AWESOME! But can they do someone else’s makeup? Can they match undertones? Are their brushes dirty? Is their makeup waterproof? Do they understand facial structure and eye shape? Did she use the same mascara on her other friend last weekend? Do they know how their makeup will look when it’s photographed in High Def? Can they make sure your makeup is properly applied in the correct lighting? Seriously – Do you know how much bacteria lives in makeup that has not been properly sterilized? GROSS.

A professional will have SANITARY, organized makeup, clean brushes, and disposable applicators. (side note – if the artist at your trial cannot immediately answer questions about how she keeps her kit clean… RUN. I elaborate on what other questions to ask here.) Professionals care about your health and safety – our businesses depend on it! We also discard our makeup when it expires.

2. Commitment

At Weddings, commitment is HUGE. If you are getting your makeup done for free, you’re trusting your face with someone who doesn’t do it professionally AND has no obligation to show up on your wedding day. A professional has you sign a contract that legally binds them to you and ensures they will show up. And if they can’t, they have to find a suitable replacement. If your makeup-guru gets sick, hungover, or just forgets and bails on you, you’re really not losing anything – and neither is she – because she was doing it for free.

3. Pictures

Photography is a major part of your day. I know how to work with photographers so even your getting ready photos are excellent (I even think about the mess in the background!) I take into consideration the photography schedule and make sure your photographer can do her job well… and you get incredible pictures from the very beginning of your day.

4. Schedule!

Someone who doesn’t do weddings as a career might not understand the importance of timing. Did you know that timing is EVERYTHING when you’re getting ready for your wedding? Poorly planned beauty services can throw off your entire day.
Lindsay Stone Beauty takes your beauty schedule into consideration when we draw up the timeline for your wedding, like travel time and what time the entire party needs to be ready for photography to start. I am able to work under stress, time restraints, vendors coming in and having to talk to you while I’m trying to glue on your eyelases… I am a mama of twin toddlers. I can do ALL THESE THINGS without skipping a beat. And I watch the clock so you don’t have to.

5. What’s the real cost?

What if you get a doctors bill when your eye develops a bacterial infection? Or you have to pay your photographer extra to Photoshop the images of you reading a pre-ceremony love letter from your fiance that was so sweet it made you cry and your friend didn’t use makeup that would withstand tears? She’ll probably have to photoshop the foundation that dripped on your dress, too. That could be hundreds of photos. These kind of expenses are going to cost more than what the makeup artist would have charged in the first place. Not to mention, your photos and videography are the only records of that day and you want to keep that investment safe.
These are the kinds of things brides-to-be don’t think about – the things that can go wrong. It’s hard to imagine a scenario when things aren’t perfect but it happens. All the time. And yes, it’s true hiring a professional makeup artist can be a little more than you’d like to spend, BUT when you’ve already planned the entire wedding and spent money on a photographer that is going to be taking photos of you all night that you’ll look back on forever, sometimes it’s not always about “treating yourself” it’s about peace of mind. About letting someone else take care of the stress of timelines and your mother-in-laws crazy eyebrows, and making sure your mascara doesn’t make you the fifth member of KISS. Hire a pro to take care of it all.

If you’re in the DFW area and are looking for a pro, click here to read more about my makeup-guru ways!
Thanks for reading, friends!

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